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We Are Making a Difference

Nicola, a Salvation Army True Heroes supporter, says that for her and her family, giving regularly is a chance to show her support for our frontline workers and volunteers who deliver wraparound services.

‘I find it frustrating not being able to be hands-on, but if I’m fit enough to be working, and able to earn enough to look after my own family needs and then contribute by donating I do, and that’s important to us.

‘I am passionate about the areas that regular giving funds; the wraparound services, especially Transitional Housing and the programmes to help people budget and help themselves. People not having somewhere to live is so heart-breaking. Life is so broken for some people, and the social services that the Sallies provide are so vital. I can’t do that work myself, but I can help support the people who do. By committing to regular giving, I feel I am part of the team—by funding those amazing people who are at the coalface, doing that amazing work.’

For Nicola and her husband, The Salvation Army represents connection to people when it’s most needed. ‘We’ve always had incredible respect for the way, whenever there is a major need, The Salvation Army is first on the list to be there.’

Life very much revolves around community and family for Nicola. She appreciates the connection and feels part of the True Heroes family, from personal contact to reading the stories of hope and transformation. ‘It makes you feel part of the solution. Feeling included is so important, and that does make you think oh wow we are making a difference. I love the real people stories in the newsletters and I love the TV ads and the fact that they feature real people. Very brave people to front up and gosh that’s appreciated. We just want the message that the Sallies help people to get out there.’

Looking back, Nicola remembers her dad, who had no affiliation to a church or faith, saying that when he saw the Sallies at the pub, “you’d always want to give something to the Sallies”. And it’s that connection with people right where they are, on the front line helping with the hard needs that we love and respect. The Salvation Army has had a presence in my heart for a long time.’

Nicola loves the flexibility regular giving allows. ‘It doesn’t matter how much the gift is, someone might give $5, but it might be their last $5, and that’s worth as much as someone who gives $50,000. I think regular donations are really important and we top up when we can. We wanted to commit to giving regularly but leave room for an extra gift at the end of the year.’

Supporter Relations Coordinator for The Salvation Army’s True Hero regular giving programme Gabrielle Martell-Turner says, ‘We help Kiwis from all walks of life, and we love that our supporters are representative of all kinds of people as well. The need for our wraparound services is always increasing so more regular givers like Nicola are always welcome!’

To become a True Hero like Nicola, contact Gabrielle on 021 352 742, or email gabrielle.martell-turner@ salvationarmy.org.nz