You Gave Mark a Reason to Smile | The Salvation Army

You Gave Mark a Reason to Smile

A smile is a gift, in both the giving of it, and the receiving of it.

Over a period of time, Mark lost all his teeth—and with them his smile.

He also felt that he lost opportunities for employment because of his appearance. And because he couldn’t afford the cost of dentures, it seemed as though he was in a cycle that couldn’t be broken.

Then he was told that The Salvation Army might be able to help him. He wasn’t aware that this could even be possible.

‘For years, ever since I can remember, I’ve only donated to street collections and the bands. I had no idea that they would help'

Mark now understands how the support of friends like you allows us to help people with these needs.

Once a builder’s labourer, Mark has had a hard existence living on benefits, as he searches for a job. A loan was out of reach, and getting dentures seemed totally out of the question.

Now with our donors generosity you can imagine Mark’s delight and relief. In his words:

‘I’m over the moon, really happy.’

His first dental appointment has already been made. A series of appointments will follow through this lengthy process of preparing Mark’s mouth for the dentures. Eventually, final adjustments will be made to ensure complete comfort which will transform his life.

When it’s all done, Mark will not only have reason to smile again, but he’ll also get his confidence back. With his dentures in place he will also have sense of hope in being able to feel more presentable at his interviews for future work.

Mark thanks you because it’s your kindness that keeps making a difference, and gifting smiles, in the lives of your fellow Kiwis when they need it most.