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You Journeyed with Marise

Marise’s journey began from a place of homelessness and active addiction.

She says,‘I was a wreck, lost!’

Surviving in a motel through Work and Income, Marise’s social worker brought in Susan, a Salvation Army transitional housing worker who had a house available.

The prospect of a home was the first ‘miracle’ for Marise. This was made possible by the ongoing support that donations like yours provide. In her words:

‘Getting a house and all that’s come with it has done millions for me. It was my foundation and everything started moving from there.’

The second ‘miracle’ was a spiritual experience that led to Marise researching more about Christianity, and then making a commitment and joining a Church.

A home, support, and a faith combined to create the major shift in Marise’s life. She was helped to come to terms with the loss of her brother, almost losing her own life, and her circumstances - all of which had combined to create a massive sense of anxiety for her.

To really change a life that’s got into a downward spiral takes compassionate understanding, individual counselling and mentoring over a stretch of time. There’s no quick fix, which is why we depend so much on your regular generosity.

There’s always a sense of wonderment when people we help realise that it’s all the Sallies’ supporters who combine to provide the funding for our long-term wraparound services which get people properly back on track. And once they know, they’re deeply grateful to you.

Marise is now working for the Salvation Army in our family store and taking part in children’s programmes. Besides the stability that employment provides, Marise wants to give back by being part of helping others who also find themselves in a destructive downward spiral in life.

A point that she shared with us is that when people find themselves in desperate situations it’s difficult to reach out for help. She used to think that nobody cared, and that she couldn’t trust anyone. Knowing that you care, and trust us to action your caring, has been a revelation for Marise.

Having you walk with her on her journey from ‘being a wreck and lost’ to where she is now, has made all the difference. She sums it up by saying, ‘it’s changed my life’.

Marise’s message to you is, ‘please will you continue your support - to serve our communities, to give people hope, and help in changing their lives for the better.’