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Rosanna's Story

Transitional Housing Coordinator Rosanna loves her job. Having worked for The Salvation Army for over a decade, Rosanna knows how tough it can be out there—especially during winter. “People ask for blankets so they can manage the cost of winter power bills, and for food so they can use grocery money to pay that bigger bill,” she explains.

For parents with teenagers being able to provide school uniform essentials like covered shoes and jackets determines school attendance. “If kids don’t have what they need for school they feel ‘stink’ about going. Shame results in non-attendance and this disadvantages them—but we can help with that,” says Rosanna.

But the big demand during winter is housing. “No one wants to be homeless during winter, so having a roof over your head especially if you have young ones is crucial”. Rosanna loves seeing the boost in confidence and obvious pride parents feel when they can provide the basics. “We like to reassure them that asking for help is a real strength and shows resourcefulness. Reaching out when it’s tough is doing the best for your kids and that’s awesome.”

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