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Sophie's Story

...I knew that things were going to get better

Sophie is a young mother whose life changed due to the kindness of people like you.

Sophie gave birth to her beautiful daughter in 2019. At this time, she was not only navigating a whole new world of motherhood, as a single parent, but she had stepped up to be the full-time carer of her mother, who was struggling with an alcohol addiction. Sadly, her mother didn’t stop drinking. And eventually, Sophie had to make the heart-wrenching decision to put her and her daughter’s welfare first and leave – ending up in emergency motel housing through Work and Income.

The obligations Sophie had to meet each week to stay in the motel became strenuous and she was terrified that she would end up on the street with her baby. She had no one to lean on, and nowhere to go. Then, she was referred to The Sallies for a welfare assessment. When she walked through the doors of The Salvation Army, she had no idea what the appointment with Tish was going to mean…

“After my first assessment with Tish, I knew that things were going to get better”, Sophie says. “I had felt like the floor was being pulled out from underneath me, but within a couple of days Tish had us moved into one of their transitional housing units.”

Because of donations from people like you, we were able to quickly wrap Sophie and her daughter in support and provide the space Sophie needed to catch her breath, find her feet, and continue the hunt for permanent housing.

Sophie had weekly appointments with Tish to set goals, plan, and receive any support she needed.

“The Salvation Army were right behind me the whole time, the support was constant and I never had to ask.” 

Financial mentoring, parenting courses, addiction support, and counselling are some of the wraparound services offered to transitional housing tenants. Sophie was able to work with our financial mentors to sort out her finances and plan for her and her daughter’s future.

“I knew that things were better than they had been, and we were going to be ok”, Sophie says.

After 53 days of hard work in transitional housing, and with the constant support of Tish, Sophie managed to secure permanent housing through Kainga Ora. “It was a relief to have a roof over my head that wouldn’t just be gone the next week, and to know I wouldn’t have to move my daughter’s things again, I was really grateful”, Sophie says. “Now I feel free, because before I did feel very trapped and stuck in the situation when I didn’t have a home”. Not only did Sophie obtain permanent housing… She left her transitional housing unit in an impressively clean state that she was soon hired as a permanent cleaner for our offices, church and all transitional houses in one of our major cities. 

“With Sophie, we see sustained change, she hasn’t needed any food parcels or extra financial mentoring since, she’s been fully self-sufficient”, says Tish.

Sometimes, good, hardworking people find themselves in situations where they are really struggling, with no one to lean on. This is what happened to Sophie and can happen to anyone of us.

We are here to give that help, but it’s only possible with generous donations from people like you. When you donate to The Salvation Army you contribute towards wraparound services that are often lifechanging to those who walk through our doors. When you give to The Salvation Army, you never know who it will help or what difference your generosity will make in their lives or the lives of their family.

If you can, please make a donation today.