Volunteer Collectors Needed | The Salvation Army

Volunteer Collectors Needed

Can you spare an hour or two in the week beginning May 6 to join our army of collectors for our Red Shield Street Appeal?


Part of the Red Shield Appeal, Street Week is our yearly event where we head out to the streets of our local communities with our collection buckets. Not everyone can be a recurring donor or give to our other appeals.

But seeing the Red Shield on their street corner or at their local supermarket tends to bring a smile to so many people, giving them the opportunity to make a gold coin or cash donation and interact with people who support our work.

The experience of volunteering is uplifting and rewarding. Volunteers range from school-age children to the retired like Marilynn who says ‘I like to do two hours at a time, sometimes twice in a day. People are so willing to give, so positive about the work of the Army, and so friendly.  Frankly it gives me a buzz.’

‘I like to collect for The Salvation Army as I like to help my community,’ says Lisa. ‘I like talking to the elderly’.

This year marks our 60th year on the streets and we would love to make it our biggest year ever. The need for our frontline services of food and wraparound care—such as social work, advocacy, counselling and parenting advice—is bigger than ever. So, let’s meet that need with the strongest volunteer army ever to hit the streets. 

Today, the Red Shield is among the best-known logos in the world and represents The Salvation Army’s reputation for being there on the frontline of need.