You Helped Tracey Get Her Family Back On Track | The Salvation Army

You Helped Tracey Get Her Family Back On Track

After a breakup, Tracey moved with her three children to a new town. Defeated and with bills piling up, a friend suggested The Salvation Army. Thanks to supporters like you, she found vital food assistance, and much more.

‘Finding The Salvation Army was like finding a lifeline. My recent breakup had taken a toll on me, and I was in a bad space emotionally and financially. There’s a history of alcohol abuse in my family and I didn’t want to drown my sorrows. 

I was amazed at how generous the food parcel was. It was very helpful for school lunches. Being put on a kai plan was a relief. I had thought the help would be one-off and then you’d go away and struggle some more. When I received the second parcel, I was able to redirect food money to the bills. By week four, I felt like I was getting back on my feet. 

Along with practical help in the form of food parcels came the emotional support of feeling loved and cared for. I felt, as a newly solo mum, that someone had my back. A sense of community can be hard to find when you move to a new place. This is where I’ve found it. The food parcels brought new opportunities for me and my children. We found more and more things to get involved with. 

I’ve been brought up to give back when I’ve received help so of course I wanted to do that. I started volunteering in the foodbank. That was when I discovered the food was purchased with donations from the public. I hadn’t realised that The Salvation Army had to fundraise to run its foodbanks. Once or twice, when a massive bill came up, I had food help again and felt deep gratitude to the donors. 


‘Along with practical help in the form of food parcels came the emotional support of feeling loved and cared for.’

Six months ago, I was asked to apply for a position as a wellbeing worker. I was so proud of myself when I got the job! I absolutely love it. Now, I can help others. I am empathetic because I know the struggle. It helps people to relax when they realise that I’ve 

walked in their shoes. As they let me in a little more on their story, it enables us to know how we can help, not just with immediate things like food but also with our wraparound services that can bring long-lasting change. 

When my partner left, it was a big hit—emotionally, mentally, physically and financially. You go through a lot when you lose a whole entire life. Now, I’ve done a 180. I’ve rebuilt my life, better and stronger. 


Tracey at the Foodbank


The future is looking good for me and my girls. I’m doing an eight-week course called Emotionally Healthy Relationships, which is part of the centre’s wraparound services. My eldest has been to the Blue Mountain Adventure Centre and it really grew her confidence and leadership skills. The younger ones will go on camps in the future. We are all part of the church. Friendship and belonging are what we’ve found. I call it my Army family. We are flourishing—and it all started with a food parcel.’