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Submission to Psychoactive Substances Bill

We ask the Government to prohibit import, manufacture and sale of synthetic cannabis.
Posted May 3, 2013

> download submission to the Psychoactive Substances Bill (PDF, 43KB)

We applaud the rapid progression and development of this Bill. We also acknowledge that this Bill is a good attempt at regulating the synthetic psychoactive substances industry in New Zealand. 

However, our primary submission is that the Health Committee should recommend to the Government to comprehensively prohibit the importing, manufacturing and selling of synthetic psychoactive substances.

The harm these substances actually cause for people, and the families and communities they belong to, are deadly serious. This harm and the health, social and economic costs incurred by people who use these substances lead us to strongly advocate that all synthetic psychoactive substances should be prohibited from importation, manufacture and sale in New Zealand. 

This harm is unacceptable and the Government must act decisively in limiting the effect of yet another social hazard adversely affecting many in our communities.