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What We Do

The Salvation Army Reintegration Services can help you with housing on release from prison as well as a safe and supported transition into your community.

We provide wrap-around reintegration services and accommodation to help tāngata whaiora rebuild their lives after prison. Our services empower people to take control of their life as we support them with a smooth transition back into society. Our services are supported by a range of professional kaimahi (staff) who bring a combination of clinical knowledge, cultural worldviews, and lived experience.


Our Approach

“I have parents ringing me in tears saying, ‘Can you help my son?’, ‘Can you help my daughter?’. I emphasise to parents that once their son or daughter is released, we want them just to be mum and dad, don’t worry about anything else, we take care of the rest.“
Mark Pellette, Reintegration Services Southern Regional Manager

Coming out of a highly controlled environment like prison into the world outside where the same rules and routines do not apply can be an overwhelming experience for many people.

Our team at The Salvation Army Reintegration Services advises and supports individuals entering into the next step of their lives, allowing them to phase into the world at a pace that works for them.     

We provide a robust, case-by-case, individualised approach. We provide personalised support plans to cater to each individual. Everyone can expect to be treated with respect and manaakitanga along their reintegration journey with us.


Our Services

We are an inclusive service and respect all participants’ ethnicities, gender, sexual orientation and religious affiliation.

There are four services we offer:

  1. Male & female long servers (2+ years) services
    We offer supported and emergency accommodation and one-on-one support.
  2. Wahine specialised services
    We offer support and accommodation that is suitable for safe reconnection with children.
  3. Deportee services
    We offer deportation accommodation and support for those who have been sent back to New Zealand.
  4. Bail house services
    We provide bail houses and support for men needing a suitable place to stay while on bail.


Our Focus: The Six Pillars of Stability

Our services help tāngata whaiora with housing on release from prison as well as a safe and supported transition into their community.

We ensure they have a smooth transition by focusing on the following pillars:

Assistance in improving employment resilience.

Assistance in finding permanent, sustainable accommodation.

Education & Training
Assistance in acquiring necessary skills to retain sustainable employment.

Oranga (Health & Wellbeing)
Assistance in maintaining spiritual, personal and cultural wellbeing.

Skills for Life
Assistance in managing household, whānau/family and financial commitments.

Whānau/Family & Community Support
Assistance with connecting to positive-social whānau/family and community support.


Contact Details

We provide free and confidential support in Auckland, Hawke’s Bay, Taranaki, Palmerston North, Wellington, Christchurch and Invercargill.

0800 53 00 00

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