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Food Banks

More and more people are calling on The Salvation Army for help because of rising food, electricity and petrol prices.

Many of our clients are facing tremendous hardship and struggle even to put food on the table. And it’s often the children who suffer the most when household budgets don’t stretch far enough.

When you donate money or food to a Salvation Army food bank you’re helping to provide one of life's most basic necessities to those who need it most.

Food assistance is just one of the packages of care that we offer. We carry out a needs-based assessment with every person who comes in for welfare assistance to identify any other areas where we can also help, including preparing a household budget.

Some of our centres offer short-term courses in areas such as parenting, cooking on a budget, goal setting and anger management. We also refer people to other Salvation Army services including addiction treatment, crisis accommodation and employment training.

How do I donate food?

Our support is provided through our Community Ministries centres and corps (churches). It is best to be in contact with them directly regarding your donation. 

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