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welfare help from community ministries team

Our Community Ministries centres around New Zealand provide individuals and families with food parcels, budgeting advice, life skills and parenting courses, social work, youth development, and transitional housing.

Our aim is to give you a helping hand so you are not dependent on government assistance and can gain a greater level of control over your life.

We can also connect you to the wider range of Salvation Army social services including help with addictions (including problem gambling), employment training and church groups.

Community Ministries (welfare and food assistance) Enquiries

Freephone 0800 53 00 00 or find your nearest Community Ministries centre by using our map tool. Instructions on how to find your local centre are listed below.

Step 1: Type the area where you live in the search box.


Step 2: From the automatic list of locations, select your area.


Step 3: The map will update and zoom in on your area. A Red Shield icon will appear on the map identifying the closest Centre to your location.

Step 4: Click on the Red Shield to find your local Centre contact details.