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Submission to Wiri Prison Inquiry

Social impacts of the Wiri prison.
Posted October 17, 2011

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Overview by Alan Johnson

My evidence has dealt solely with the need for the proposed prison and I do not expect to delve into such questions as the physical or environmental impacts of the prison. These issues in my opinion are being well considered by other submitters and other witnesses.

In my evidence I have however briefly canvassed the question of the social impacts of the prison and I am prepared to offer any advice to the Board which is might see as relevant to the question of social impacts. In my opinion this dimension of the Department of Correction's proposal is very inadequate and it appears to me that the Department's witnesses have failed to even grasp this question of social impacts let alone deal with it adequately. I am unsure of the emphasis the Board will place on social impacts but feel that I am able to offer some advice to it on such issues on the basis of my professional background and local community involvements.