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Tawa Corps

Having fun at a Sunday morning church service

If you are looking for a Jesus-focused, vibrant, welcoming and multi-racial church for all ages, come to Tawa. Our purpose is to help people find and follow Jesus. We aim to be relational and relevant in all we offer.  We are a prayer-centred church with a community outlook. We love kids and youth and offer many cool programmes for them.

What's On

Service time(s)

Sunday, 10am Worship Service
(8 am Prayer Meeting)

First Sunday of each month, join us for 5pm Night Church

Interest groups



mainly music - at the hall Tues 9:30am & 10:30am
Young men's youth group - sometimes held offsite Tues 5-5pm
Women's Home League friendship club - at the hall Wed 10am
Soul Praise (choir) - at the hall - new members welcome Wed 7pm
CR8 - children's creative arts group (primary school/intermediate children) - at the hall Thur 3:35pm
Young women's youth group - sometimes held offsite Thur 7pm
Mature men's Bible study and friendship group (fish & chip dinner) Fri 5:30pm
Youth Bible study (not held on 1st week of month) - at the hall Sun 5pm

Local events

We run many regular events in and around Tawa. Please contact us for more details.

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