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Support our Pacific Emergency Fund

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Please, help support Samoans hit by the measles epidemic

The Salvation Army NZFTS territory has recently expanded its services to the people of Samoa. We have launched an appeal and ask for donations to the Pacific Emergency Fund appeal. Money to this fund will enable us to divert much needed money to immediately assist those affected by the measles epidemic in Samoa.

Money raised in December and January through The Salvation Army Pacific Emergency Fund appeal will directly help families who are caught up in the disease which has mainly infected children and babies.

The Samoan Ministry of Health is predicting the epidemic is yet to reach its peak infection rate, and the death toll may keep rising until the end of December.

Salvation Army regional leaders Lt-Cols Rod and Jenny Carey say the outbreak has affected nearly every family in the island nation, and while health professionals are doing what they can to halt the disease’s spread, the church is providing welfare support to those affected.

Money raised by the appeal will initially go towards practical assistance in the form of much-needed medical supplies, along with food parcels, water and family assistance including help with funeral costs which have become a tragic reality for many in recent weeks.

The Salvation Army is asking for support in the form of cash donations, with funds going directly to help people in Samoa directly affected by this measles epidemic.

Samoa also is on high alert for cyclone and tropical storms during November and April. Tropical cyclones typically will form just offshore but any one of these cyclones has the potential to path across populated areas. They bring torrential rain, floods and gale-force winds. This type of weather destroys homes and can be devastating to communities and seriously disrupt people’s lives.

Donating now to the Pacific Emergency Fund can have an enormous impact on those currently affected by the measles epidemic and will also mean we can be there for these communities that are also anticipating the disruptive cyclone season. 


Here’s how you can donate to the Pacific Emergency Fund:

  Make a one-off donation online (please specify ‘Samoa’ and/or the region you'd like to support in the Comments section) by clicking here;

  Call 0800 53 00 00 to make a donation via phone using your credit card;

  You can deposit a donation directly in The Salvation Army bank account: BNZ 02 0568 0091726 02 (please state this is for the Pacific Emergency Fund);

  Or you can post a cheque to The Salvation Army, PO Box 27001 Marion Square, Wellington 6141, New Zealand. Please specify your donation is for ‘Samoa’.


Thank you for your support in helping The Salvation Army to help the victims of measles in Samoa. God bless you.