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Wattie's donates 25,000 cans to help The Salvation Army with food parcels

Wattie's delivery of 25k cans to Salvation Army foodbanks
Posted October 16, 2020

Wattie’s has donated 25,000 cans to The Salvation Army to assist with the ongoing need for food parcels.

The delivery coincided with World Food Day (Friday 16th October) with deliveries to The Salvation Army depots in Auckland, Hamilton, Palmerston, and Christchurch.

The Salvation Army will distribute more than 100,000 food parcels this year. The can donation from Wattie’s will contribute to 6,250 food parcels that will provide around 225,000 meals. All the donated cans will be used to create food parcels for families in the lead up to Christmas.

Both Wattie’s and The Salvation Army had also encouraged schools nationwide to collect cans and donate them to their local Salvation Army. In previous years Wattie’s had run the Wattie’s Cans for Good campaign which provided schools with a fundraising experience that combines collecting for charity with a creative competition and a set of teacher-based resource sheets designed to engage children and teachers, in a fun, team-based experience. The initiative will be back again in 2021.

“This is our 27th year partnering with the Salvation Army and it’s really important to Wattie’s that we continue to show our support. We hope that the 25,000 cans we are donating will help with the need to ensure people have access to food parcels,” says Heinz Wattie's NZ, Managing Director Neil Heffer.

The Salvation Army head of Community Ministries, Jono Bell, says the ongoing need for food parcels is expected to increase as people come off the wage subsidy, and face the challenges Christmas can bring.

“Christmas is an extremely difficult time for many families, so the generosity of Wattie’s 25000 can donation will make a real difference to New Zealanders when they need it the most.

Schools who want to collect cans can donate them to their local Salvation Army foodbank which can found here.