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Consultation: A proposed framework for debt to government

Inland Revenue Department (IRD)
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Posted April 6, 2023


  1. Our overall sense of the IRD’s proposed framework is that it is an uninspiring framework that is not prescriptive or clear enough to address current major debt to government issues. Consequently, The Salvation Army believes that this approach does not give people (and those organisations supporting them) who owe debts to government enough clarity and effective pathways to address this debt.
  2. This submission/response will firstly look at the idea of a new single crown debt collection entity that was proposed by the Tax Working Group (TWG). Following that, we give feedback on some aspects of the IRD’s proposed framework. We support submissions from FinCap as the peak body for the BFC sector, and other key actors in this space, who are offering detailed and practical solutions to the questions posed by IRD in the consultation document.


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Debt to Government Consultation - TSA 060423

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Date: 12 Jun 2023