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Tribute Giving

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Honouring People & Special Occasions by Giving the Gift of Hope to Those in Need.

Tribute Giving is a way to recognise, honour, and celebrate people and events that are important to you by giving back to others. It is a wonderful way to acknowledge and celebrate a special person.  

Tribute gifts are also an especially meaningful way to honour the life of a loved one or to show your support to family during a loss, which can provide comfort through a difficult time. Remembering or recognising someone special through a tribute gift is a beautiful way you can enable their life and memory to live on through our work. When someone we love passes away and becomes a memory, their memory becomes a gift. The loss can be immeasurable, but so is the love that is left behind. You can feel confident that your in memory gift is being utilised for good as we, in turn, honour your loved one and further help the most vulnerable in our communities.

We would welcome the opportunity to talk about Tribute Giving to honour a special person, event, important occasion or celebration in your life or the life of another. Please contact a Relationship Manager listed below with any questions or thoughts.  

Ruth Conder
Regional Relationships Manager, Auckland and Northland
027 452 4428


Donna Hedley
Regional Relationships Manager, Waikato, Bay of Plenty and Mid-North Island
027 899 9259


Aaron Peat
Regional Relationships Manager, Lower North Island
021 829 469


Jade Zeina
Regional Relationships Manager, South Island
021 718 232


We welcome hearing from you.

Wendy Lobb
Gifting and Philanthropy Manager-Team Leader
027 224 6876