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Housing Update 2008

Four aspects of NZ’s housing markets.
Posted August 25, 2008

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This brief report is intended to provide those people interested in housing issues with a statistical overview of housing markets in New Zealand. Such an overview is intended to provide a basis for discussion around the future direction of housing policy over the short to medium term. The data for this report is taken entirely from public sources but has been collected and analysed in such a way that we hope will provide some useful insights for future policy discussion.

This report considers four aspects of New Zealand’s housing markets and covers a period of three to five years depending on the availability and relevance of data.

The four aspects are:

  • Residential property markets including house sales, house prices and rental housing
  • Housing and financial markets including household assets, housing debt and mortgages
  • Construction industry including the production of housing, the turnover of the construction sector and construction sector employment.
  • Housing demand forecasts including an analysis of levels of construction necessary to adequately meet housing demand.