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A New Zealand that demands attention

A report identifying the social issues experienced by the social services of The Salvation Army.
Posted August 1, 2004

> download the A New Zealand That Demands Attention Report (PDF, 394KB)


The Salvation Army has a long tradition of caring for the most vulnerable and at risk in New Zealand. This tradition brings us into direct contact with and awareness of many of the social pressures facing individuals, communities and society as a whole. With the establishment of a national Social Policy and Parliamentary Unit in February 2004, The Salvation Army has decided that it is appropriate to begin to record and make wider use of this valuable front line experience and information.

This report gathers some of the experiences of social service staff of The Salvation Army, identifies the key social problems they observe and records their ideas about potential solutions. The report details the services of The Salvation Army that relate to these problems, and places the problems within the wider statistical context provided by census and other government data. The findings of the report are used to set an agenda of further work for both The Salvation Army, as it establishes its Social Policy and Parliamentary unit and, as a partner in the meeting of social need, for government.