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The State of our Communities

Posted December 6, 2017

Download the State of our Communities Summary (PDF, 2.50MB)

Download the State of Our Communities Report (PDF, 6.76MB)

The State of our Communities: Linwood | Papakura | Porirua

This State of Our Communities report is presented as a ‘partner’ document of sorts to the State of the Nation. State of the Nation is a macro-level report looking at data trends across regions, cities, age groups and the entire nation, while State of Our Communities is a micro-level analysis of what is happening at the grassroots level in specific communities.

It is critical that we have the macro-level analysis and national discussions on social issues. But it is equally vital to drill down and see what is happening at the grassroots level in local communities in New Zealand.

In this inaugural State of Our Communities report, the three communities we look at are Linwood (Christchurch), Papakura (Auckland) and Porirua (Wellington).

Undertaking this type of community-based research is full of huge challenges. But it also comes complete with some amazingly positive, powerful and inspiring stories. Additionally, these types of research projects give local individuals and communities a chance to express their thoughts and experiences, ideally giving them a voice they may not have had before.