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Stepping out in faith

skydiver jumping out of plane
Posted January 23, 2020

It takes faith to trust that your parachute is going to open. That’s the situation I faced around 20 years ago at Bridge Pā, Hawke’s Bay. I must point out that I was a willing participant. Who in their right mind jumps out of a perfectly good plane? Well, I’m pretty sure I was in my right mind back then—and I think I still am, although others may have a different opinion.

So, there I was, sitting in the plane, right up the front and next to the door. I would be the first to jump. The door was opened at 3500 feet. Most people are a little hesitant at this stage—the rushing wind in the plane, the immediate drop to the ground—but I absolutely loved it!

I was jumping solo, so a static line had been attached to me. In my upcoming drop below the aircraft, the static line would pull open the top of the pack, so the parachute would safely open a specific distance from the aircraft.

My instructor spoke loudly over the noise of the engine and wind, to remind me of the drill we had practiced in the classroom. We had been trained to place a foot on a step below the door and reach out for a strut on the plane, then step off while still holding on to the strut (a Superman- like flying position). Lastly, we would look back into the plane and wait for the instructor to say ‘Go!’—that’s exactly what happened. I carefully stepped down, reached for the wing strut and stepped off the step. How exhilarating! I looked at my instructor and he shouted, ‘Go!’, so I let go and started falling towards the ground. All that needed to happen now was for my parachute to open.

We place a lot of faith in things happening just the way they are meant to. I expected for that parachute to open. And, just as I expected (and hoped), it did. My parachute opened well. My lines were a bit twisted, so I had to fix them mid-air, but all went well. I floated to the ground, grinning from ear to ear, landing on my feet. What an experience!

Faith in God can be like that—trusting God when things are not always in our control. Faith in God means we expect God to move in a situation. Read the Bible and you will see many people place their trust in God when they were in good circumstances, as well as seemingly dire and un-winnable ones. And God moved powerfully in their lives.

For you and me to place our faith in God, we need to believe that God exists and that he rewards those who sincerely seek him. Others have gone through parachute-like life situations where God has brought about his plans and purposes—so you can too. It may not look like what you want, but God’s way is always best.

Jesus says trust in God, and trust also in me (John 14:1). May you know what it means to place your faith and trust in Jesus Christ—with or without a parachute.

By Brenton Millar