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Striking a better balance

The Salvation Army's 2014 State of the Nation Report.
Posted February 11, 2014

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Striking a better balance: The 2014 State of the Nation Report

The Salvation Army releases its latest annual State of the Nation report reviewing social progress in New Zealand entitled, Striking a Better Balance.  

The report acknowledges creditable progress in some areas of social wellbeing.  However, Salvation Army Social Policy Director Major Campbell Roberts is adamant, “New Zealanders are failing to convince Government that the elimination of family violence and child poverty should be a greater priority.  A better balance in economic and social policy is required to put a significant dent in child poverty and domestic violence.”

In its annual report The Salvation Army gives the thumbs up to an improvement in Maori participation in early childhood education, a drop in infant mortality, reducing teenage pregnancy rates, a reduction in overall criminal offending, a drop in unemployment and a reduction in the per capita spend on gambling.

But The Salvation Army remains deeply concerned at the lack of progress in reducing child poverty, family violence, the harmful use of alcohol, and the failure to address criminal re-offending and serious crime.