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Queenstown Corps

Queenstown Corps

The Queenstown Corps is active in the life of the community and is a welcoming fellowship for travellers and transient workers.

Our Sunday church service is held on the first floor of our Camp St Complex starting at 10.30.

This is a family friendly atmosphere with a mixture of worship styles, infused with a evangelical flavour.

What's On

Service time(s)

Sunday @ 10:30am

Interest groups

Space Programme (First-time parents & babies)

Youth and Junior Youth Programmes 

Men's Ministries

Women's Ministries

Wakatipu Resthome Chapel Service

Contact Andrew and Ruth for more information, ph (03) 422 5103

Local events

We run many regular events in and around Queenstown. Please contact us to ask for more details.  Phone (03) 442 5103


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Our Leaders

Corps Officers and Community Ministries Directors of Queenstown Corps

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