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Hamilton City Corps

Hamilton City Salvation Army | 99 London Street

Come worship and serve with us. The Salvation Army is moved by far more than a desire to do good works. Our deeds are driven by Christian faith and devotion.

Our work is fueled by our worship—church services that feed the soul and cultivate compassion. And there's a place for you.

Please visit our website at https://hcsa.co.nz/

What's On

Service time(s)

Morning Worship @ 10:30am Sunday — 'The Gathering' @ 5:00pm Second Saturday of the month — Recovery Church @ 5.45pm Tuesday


Interest groups

Men's Fellowship 1st Monday of each month
Mini Rockers Thursday | 10.00am
Women's Home League Wednesday | 10.00am
Indoor Bowls Tuesday | 6.45pm
Youth Bible Studies (High school students only) Thursday | 7pm
Open Home Groups Weekday evenings
Children's Church Sunday during morning worship


Local events

We run many regular events in and around Hamilton City. Please contact us to ask for more details.

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