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Product Donations

The Salvation Army foodbanks give out over 62,000 food parcels each year to families and individuals struggling to meet living expenses. The food and grocery items in these food parcels are donated from hundreds of generous businesses across the country.  Donating food or grocery items to The Salvation Army is a great way to put to use any suplus product from your business, reducing waste and providing much needed items to people struggling in your community.

Where appropriate some of the non-food donations go to our Family Stores who resell items to fund Salvation Army community initiatives and programmes. Below are some examples of product given to us in the last year. For more information on donating product to the Salvation Army make contact with our team.

Countdown Food Rescue Image

Countdown Food Rescue
Throughout the year, Countdown partner with food rescue charities including The Salvation Army to donate high-quality surplus food, reducing food waste and helping New Zealanders who might otherwise go hungry. This partnership provides the majority of the food coming into our foodbanks each week through collections from local stores. Customers can donate through specially marked food donation bins in-store or online through The Foodbank Project, New Zealand’s first online foodbank. We are incredibly grateful for Countdown's amazing support of our foodbanks.

Ecosa 500 Mattresses Donated

Ecosa are online mattress retailers who have made it a priority to support New Zealanders to sleep better and get help in their time of need. Ecosa mattresses come with a 100 day trial and money back guarantee. If customers find the mattress isn't what they like the mattress is returned to Ecosa who donate it to The Salvation Army. Ecosa has donated over 500 returned mattresses to our Family Stores to be sold to generate valuable funds for local community programmes.

Farmers Donation

Since beginning its partnership with The Salvation Army in 2012, Farmers has donated clothing and shoes to our community centres who have gifted the product on to families and individuals in need. A new shirt for someone going for their first job interview or a new pair of shoes for a child going to school has profound positive effects on their wellbeing and dignity. We are also very grateful to be Farmers Santa Parade's charity of choice generating another valuable source of funds for our work.