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Together Newsletter

The Together Newsletter offers an insight into the work we do in the community - with heartwarming stories of people whose lives have been changed and those who are now giving back to the community they live in.

Together Autumn Edition (2018)


In this edition of Together, we look at how The Salvation Army focusses on a client’s past, present and the future in order to positively impact their lives - from short-term, urgent help through to longer-term, transformative support – whatever the client needs to make positive and meaningful change.


We talk with Jeremy, who came to The Salvation Army’s Family Tracing Service for help in finding out about his deceased father. The service worked with Jeremy and his mother to discover details the US military helicopter pilot who was briefly in New Zealand for his job, and the results were life-changing for Jeremy.


We also speak with Alex, who found himself in a dark place after being forced to find new accommodation. With his funds depleted and his health in danger, the only place he could afford was a small, windowless basement with not even enough room to stand up in. Thankfully we were able to find him suitable accommodation in one of our social housing units.


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