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Hunt for Old Instruments

Jim Downey hunting for used brass instruments for Fiji's 50th celebrations
Posted August 11, 2023

The hunt is on in band rooms, closets and attics across New Zealand for pre-loved musical instruments to be shared with Salvationists in Fiji as they prepare to celebrate their 50th anniversary.

Territorial Director of Creative Ministries Jim Downey says the hunt is focused on second-hand brass instruments and timbrels.

‘People may have an old instrument at home or in their band room that is not being used at the moment but could go on to have a second life with The Salvation Army in Fiji,’ says Jim.

‘We are open to receiving all kinds of brass instruments and timbrels, whether they are surplus to The Salvation Army or have been in private hands.’

Jim says Creative Ministries already have several old instruments that are destined for Fiji.

‘From time to time we receive instruments from anonymous senders who ask that they be passed on to someone who will use them to continue making music. Musicians are very much part of an international community and want to see their instruments being used. We hope to tap into that goodwill with this call for instruments.’

Jim says that apart from approaching Salvationists and corps (churches) around the country, he will also be tapping into other musical networks.

‘I’m willing to talk to anybody about their old musical instruments and how we can get them safely to Territorial Headquarters, from where we’ll carefully pack them up and send to Fiji.’

Contact Jim on email: or phone 04 802 6269 Ext 24580.

This article appeared in the News section of the August 2023 edition of Salt Magazine. Read more over at (formerly War Cry magazine)