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Kiwi Next Generation Wraps Up

KNG Presentation
Posted October 26, 2018

From May 2016 to July 2018, The Warehouse Group funded Kiwi Next Generation (KNG) - an innovative programme which has made a huge difference in the lives of vulnerable young New Zealander’s by helping second chance learners gain qualifications, confidence and hope through wrapping mentoring and practical support around their education.

Delivered by The Salvation Army in partnership with Variety - the Children's Charity, KNG was designed to improve educational outcomes for 680 young people aged 16-19 who are at risk of falling out of education, employment and training. For these young people challenging family and personal circumstances create significant barriers to classroom learning with the result that too many leave mainstream education without confidence, goals or qualifications. For many this can be the start point for a cycle of failure, rejection and hopelessness.

Thanks to generous funding from The Warehouse Group and their supporters, KNG was able to go beyond existing education programmes by providing dedicated mentoring and practical assistance tailored to the young person's needs alongside their education. The programme tested the hypothesis that when daily obstacles and challenges are removed and confidence and hope instilled, young people will be motivated to re-engage, learn and succeed.

For the mentors and tutors involved, the programme delivered extraordinary outcomes. When mentors removed individual learning barriers associated with mental and physical health and wellbeing, tutors were able to focus on teaching and students were supported to learn, increasing the overall qualification rate by 78%. 

Check out our Wrap Up Video below for more information on the Kiwi Next Generation programme or down load the brochure here.