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The New Heritage Series launched

Heritage Series launch
Posted March 29, 2019

The launch of The Salvation Army’s Heritage Centre & Archives Heritage Series took place at the first Thought Matters evening of 2019 on Thursday 28th March at Booth College of Mission.

These and future journals present information and images from the Archives of The Salvation Army, making available source material for academic endeavour and general fascination.

‘Uniform Portraits’ provides a wonderful insight into the wearing of the uniform and the views and motivations for wearing Salvation Army uniforms in New Zealand for the period 1883 to 1913.

This is supported by ‘Soldiership Symposium’ where ‘The War Cry’ readers of 1891 were invited to “Ventilate your ideas” to the editor.

These contributions over a three month period have been brought together in ‘Soldiership Symposium’.

Both these journals are available to purchase from the Heritage Centre & Archives at

Heritage Series 1 - Salvation Army Uniform Portraits - New Zealand 1883-1913

Heritage Series 2 - Salvation Army Soldiership Symposium June, July, and August 1891

The first and second in the series can be purchased as a set at $15 +$3.60 P&P.