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Refugee driver mentoring service opens in Christchurch

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Posted March 5, 2020

The Salvation Army is helping former refugees gain independence with its Open Road driver training programme in Christchurch.

Open Road helps refugees improve their driving skills and safe driving practices to get to the stage where they can pass their restricted driver’s licence test. That can be a huge step in settling into their new communities, becoming independent and securing employment.

Volunteer mentors supervise learner drivers for up to 20 weeks, with two, one-hour drives weekly.

Mentors receive training from a professional driving instructor and are supported by Salvation Army staff through the process.

The Salvation Army is keen to hear from drivers willing to work with people to become better and safer drivers.

Open Road is modelled on the New Zealand Transport Agency initiative, the Community Driver Mentor Programme.

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Photo by nichiiro on Unsplash