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Salvation Army Provides Relief in Republic of Congo After Rainy Season Flooding

Huts swept away Flooding in the North of Congo Brazzaville
Posted January 8, 2021

Scores of villages in the northern parts of the Republic of Congo have been totally or partially flooded during the current rainy reason. Heavy rainfall during the final days of 2020 caused houses to collapse and affected essential infrastructure such as schools and health centres. Many people have had to leave their homes and villages. Amid a government-imposed state of emergency, The Salvation Army is stepping up to provide relief to the populations of Motokomba and Mossaka, as well as the hard-to-access surrounding villages. 

Emergency food supplies will be distributed to ensure a supply of nutrition reaches more than 1,500 people in each location. The packages will include staples such as beans, rice, cooking oil and salt. Blankets, clothing and foam mattresses will also be provided, as well as soap and mosquito nets in order to help with health and hygiene. 

Mindful that the spread of COVID-19 is increasing in the Republic of Congo, and that informal evacuations may lead to groups of people being unable to maintain social distancing, The Salvation Army’s humanitarian response will adhere to all prevailing government guidelines and best practice. The response aims to ensure that beneficiaries are ‘more prepared, more resilient and less at-risk’ with respect to coronavirus as a result, according to Sergeant S. Edy Kanda, Territorial Projects Administrator and Natural Disasters Coordinator. 

The Salvation Army is collaborating with the local authorities, the United Nations World Food Programme and other non-governmental agencies to ensure that relief is dispensed where most needed.

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