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Are You Our Next SpiritSong Leader?

Leadership vacancy for our national vocal group
Posted July 24, 2019

Expressions of interest are sought for the position of SpiritSong leader. 

SpiritSong is the Salvation Army’s national vocal group for New Zealand, Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.  SpiritSong is a group passionate about singing and have a collective desire to bring others into the presence of God through their vocal expression.  The group has a passion for reaching out to others and to worship God through their music. 

The leader must be a Senior Soldier in The Salvation Army and preferably be actively involved in their own Corps in a leadership or musical role.  A person who is currently a vocal leader or a person with previous coral leadership would be preferred.  The applicant should hold themselves to a high standard of Christian belief and live out these beliefs daily.

The SpiritSong leader is responsible to the Executive Officer for matters related to the leadership of the group, music, discipline and deportment.

The leader will conduct rehearsals, choose repertoire, arrange programmes, and co-operate with the Executive Officer regarding the ministry of SpiritSong generally. The Leader will do all in his/her power to develop the potential and effectiveness of individual members and will be responsible for increasing the standard of musicianship of members over the duration of their membership, equipping them for greater ministry at their home corps.

The leader is responsible to the Executive Officer for implementing and sustaining visionary leadership of the ministry of SpiritSong, ensuring that SpiritSong remains a leader in church choral ministry. The leader will chair the Concept Team, to prepare and co-ordinate concerts and public performances.

The leader will be responsible for designing and implementing weekend schedules as appropriate for the host corps.

He/she will undertake specific training as is seen useful to maintain the integrity of SpiritSong.

He/she is responsible for the musical standard of new members to SpiritSong.

He/she may, after consultation with the Executive Officer, recruit others from within SpiritSong to carry out special duties e.g. librarian.

Please submit your expression of interest and relevant CV to by 30th August 2019.