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Youth programme given boost thanks to Warehouse Stationery customers

Quarter of a million dollars raised
Aspire programme
Posted August 9, 2019

Warehouse Stationery’s Add a Dollar Aspire Campaign has raised more than a quarter of a million dollars towards helping young kiwis over the past four years.

The simple act of customers adding $1 or more to Warehouse Stationery purchases during its annual appeals has meant more young people have been able to participate in the Aspire Youth Programme – The Salvation Army’s solution for at-risk 11-16 year-olds.

The Army has partnered with schools to nominate young people with leadership qualities who, due to economic, social and behaviorual issues cannot participate fully in school life.

Aspire is a year-long programme of self development with weekly group sessions and the highlight - a three-day adventure course.

It aims to support the develpment of young people, who gain in confidence, skills and knowledge for the journey into adulthood.

“Every teenager in Aotearoa deserves an equal opportunity at success,” Aspire National Manager Michael Smith says.

“Without support, this can leave young people disconnecting from school and getting involved in a lot of unhealthy behaviour.”

Introduced in 2015, thanks to seed funding from The Warehouse Group, the programme includes modules on belonging, mastery, independence and generosity.

“Warehouse Stationery is dedicated to helping families and young people flourish,” Warehouse Stationery CEO Pejman Okhovat says.

“We want to help Kiwis have successful futures and we’re proud to have supported the Aspire program since 2015. We’re delighted by the success of the latest campaign, and every year we’re grateful to see how generous New Zealanders are to help others,” he says.