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Commit to resting

Posted January 8, 2018

I love the summer holidays. Just what I need at the end of a busy year. I had great plans: catching up with family from overseas, seeing friends, picnics, beach times, finishing up some books ...

And, of course, it turned out like every holiday. Packing at 11 pm the night before, forgetting things and fighting traffic—all before we even made the airport. This was followed by the mad, hectic jumble of trying to get around and see everyone, which happens when you’re not in town very often. Constant checking of Facebook or text messages trying to organise who, where and when to meet.

This year we added the usual non-stop chaos of an almost one-year-old—from the daily 6 am wake-up call to days filled with wonderful phrases like, ‘Mummy has already asked you not to chew on the tea pot’ and ‘Can we leave at least one book on Grandma’s bookcase, please?’

By the end of the time I wasn’t sure if I’d had a break at all. I did read a whole 10 pages of  book though.

Okay, so I exaggerate a little, but these days it feels harder and harder to rest. It’s not really helped by the age of instant communication and constant entertainment. This is not an anti-technology rant or ‘take time for you’ blog (which that Facebook friend shares without a hint of irony from the latest trendy online writer—mum bloggers and ‘wellness’ writers, I’m looking at you). I enjoy being able to connect with the world and keep up with friends across the globe.

With that, though, has come the expectation that everything is instant and it’s noticeable how much this has impacted on our sense of rest.

We know we need time to unwind. That’s why we have weekends right? That’s why God built a day of not working into the fabric of society for ancient Israel, because we have a tendency to fill our time instead of resting, even though we know it’s important.

I know, after a full-on year, I was tired and needed a break. And with an exciting, but challenging year of change ahead, I want to come into it refreshed.

I know I need to commit to resting, setting aside time to chill. It’s definitely a commitment I want to take into the year ahead, and I’ll happily echo those overshared online blogs—maybe taking time for you is not such a bad idea. Wherever you are, happy holidays.

by Robin Raymond (c) 'War Cry' magazine, 13 January 2018, pp3
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