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Commissioning of Cadets 2016

Posted September 15, 2016

Joyful Intercessors - He Kaiwhakawhiti O Te Hari Session

The following are appointments for Cadets of the Joyful Intercessors - He Kaiwhakawhiti O Te Hari Session following their Commissioning, effective on Thursday 12 January 2017:



Lieutenant Aram Kwon                                 Corps Officers, Pukekohe Corps
Lieutenant Tae Hwan (Ted) Kim                                      



Lieutenant Erica Kearse                                Corps Officers, Aranui Corps
Lieutenant Fraser Kearse

Lieutenant Erica Kearse                                SOS Officer - Christchurch
Lieutenant Fraser Kearse                              Director, Community Ministries Aranui
                                                                          Court Officer - Christchurch                                                                                                          

Lieutenant Emma Howan                              Corps Officers, Timaru Corps
Lieutenant Jacob Howan                             

Lieutenant Emma Howan                              Director, Community Ministries Timaru                                             


Messengers of the Gospel – Ngā Kārere O Te Rongopai Session


Cadet Andrew O’Brien                                  Cadets in Appointment, In Charge, Manukau Central Corps
Cadet  Maree  O’Brien


We pray that God will bless and prepare these comrades for their new avenues of service.


Willis Howell


> Download the 2016 Commissioning Bulletin (PDF, 231KB)


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