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Albert and Sarah Burfoot

BURFOOT Capt & Mrs s
Posted October 2, 2009

Albert and Sarah BurfootAlbert and Sarah Burfoot emigrated to Australia from Sussex, England. On their journey aboard the SS Cotopaxi they met Major and Mrs James Barker, whom William Booth had sent to work in Australia in August 1882.

In March 1883 the New Zealand pioneer officers, Pollard and Wright, called into Melbourne and asked the Burfoots to join them. They, along with young labourer Johnny Bowerman, joined the invading Salvation Army force in New Zealand.

Burfoot became the commanding officer of the Dunedin Fortress Corps and his wife, with a wonderful singing voice, played an important part in the first meetings.

Three young friends—Elizabeth Herdman, Fanny Worsdell and Elizabeth Westlake—were profoundly impressed by Sarah Burfoot and the opportunity for women in the service of the Salvation Army. Within weeks they were commissioned officers.

The Burfoots played significant pioneering roles in other parts of New Zealand before returning to Australia.