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Bringing the War Cry to the Digital Age

Posted September 5, 2019

We hold every copy of the New Zealand War Cry ever produced, and then some. A quick estimate would be over 3500 issues (including current issues).

Microfiche copies were made of each issue. While valuable and technologically sound at the time, researchers find it increasingly difficult to search the text, or simply read the copies.

This year, we have started the mammoth process of digitising our War Cry, and creating ocular character recognisable (OCR) copies. This will not only mean we have readable copies for our own use, but will enable our researchers to search for names or key words, without compromising the delicate state and longevity of the originals. The originals will be preserved and stored accordingly to avoid any further deterioration.
The copies that have been scanned and 'OCR'd' so far, have a successful word search rate of over 85%. This beats the microfiche low rate of under 30% searchable.

In the near future, the first year, 1883, will be published and available for all to view.


Microfiche copy of the first New Zealand War Cry, June 1883

Original scan

Edited and OCR'd digital copy

Before and after