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Edward Wright

Posted October 8, 2009

Edward and Annie WrightAs a new cadet officer in England, Edward Wright was asked if he was willing to go to New Zealand. Thus, Wright along with George Pollard sailed to New Zealand in January 1883. Along the way they recruited a couple, Captain and Mrs Burfoot and Lieutenant Johnny Bowerman from Melbourne, Australia. They arrived in Port Chalmers, New Zealand, two months later.

Pollard dispatched Wright and Bowerman to Auckland while he and the Burfoot’s opened fire in Dunedin.

On his arrival in Auckland Wright made contact with John Brame, a local printer and temperance boarding house proprietor who had requested that William Booth send officers to New Zealand. Brame was helpful in advertising meetings and printing the War Cry.

In June 1883 Wright began work in Wellington, in conjunction with Captain William Coley, an officer from Australia.

In 1884 Wright married Annie Brame and later that year was transferred to the Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia.