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Salvation and the Land

Rotoroa Island
Posted January 15, 2010

It is not surprising that The Salvation Army has run farms. The immediate purpose may have varied over the years but in every case the farms were part of being all things to all men that some might be saved.

Fresh air, a new start and useful employment have provided a way out for many addicts under The Salvation Army's care. One particularly famous example is Rotorua Island in New Zealand where farm work was part of the therapy used from 1910 to 2005. Approximately 200 acres (81 hectares) were used for dairy cows, dry cattle, sheep, pigs and poultry and vegetable gardens supplying the needs of those on the island.

As part of their rehabilitation clients were allocated responsibilities such as milking cows, feeding and looking after the pigs and poultry as well as fencing and farm maintenance.