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Student Evangelistic Trek Team in Fiji

Fiji Trek
Posted October 12, 2018

In 1972 from some informal discussions between Commissioner Williams, Colonel Ernest Elliot (Chief Secretary), Captain Brian McStay (Men's Side Officer, Training College) and CSM Cyril Bradwell (Wellington South Corps), an idea emerged of a 'Student Evangelistic Trek' to Fiji using members of the Students' Fellowship supplemented by some second year cadets. So in August 1972 a group of 17 led by Captains Brian and Beverley McStay arrived in Fiji for a 10 day trek assisted by resident Salvationists.

They were received warmly and exploratory discussions were held with government and civic leaders and heads of church groups. Meetings were held in schools, prisons, churches, night clubs, and in the open-air. It was reported later that even if the planning and the trip were 'ad hoc', the eager participation of all concerned brought great results.