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CD Review- Journeys

"Journeys" is an EP from Queensland band For This Cause.
Posted June 28, 2012

Journeys Album cover

"Journeys" is a 6 track EP from Queensland Alternative Rock/Hardcore band For This Cause, which fuses catchy pop melodies with the disjointed rhythmic chug found in a lot of hardcore/djent music. The result is actually quite pleasant if you're a fan of slightly edgier but melodically driven music, however you might find yourself wondering if you've accidentally left the opening on repeat.

Not that that's a bad thing. "Stories End" hits you hard and fast, and it's clear that these guys wear their influences very openly on their sleeves. Their sound mixes aspects of Saosin's soaring melodies, U2 (after Bono and The Edge have had a fight and written angry songs about each other), and A Day To Remember's tight focussed rhythm; the latter of which the drummer is happy to demonstrate, as there are smatterings of delicious double kick runs all over the EP.

Power anthem "Sirens" laments loss and emptiness, and while the lyrics about "never letting go" boarder ever so slightly towards cheese, the track is well crafted and catchy. And that's the overall feeling you’ll get from this album, it's catchy but very repetitive. The songs are well crafted, but they're six identically crafted songs. You can speed up or slow down a song but essentially they contain the same rhythms and down tuned chorus chords.

If you're a fan of the post hardcore/melodic hardcore genre you'll love these guys. If you're looking to explore the genre, these guys are the perfect baby formula before you move onto solids. You won't find heavy screaming or blast beats, but you will find a pleasant, albeit slightly generic listening experience.

By Kris Singh