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Westgate Corps

Sunday Worship Service is at 10am. Our Sunday mornings are fun, vibrant, Spirit-filled and engaging. We worship God together as a family, helping each other to learn more about Him and and engage in the mission He's given us.

Service time(s):

Sunday @ 10am

532-534 Don Buck Road,
Massey, Waitakere City
Phone: (09) 833 6856

Family Stores

532-534 Don Buck Road,
Massey, Waitakere City
Phone: (09) 833 8633

Westgate Family Store has quality used clothing and goods at excellent prices.  Opening Hours: Mon-Sat 9am-5pm

Social services

Welfare assistance is available from Westgate Community Ministries: Please contact us at:

Westgate Community Ministries
532-534 Don Buck Road,
Massey, Waitakere City
Phone: (09) 833 6856

Community Ministries open Tuesday- Friday 9am-1pm

Provides practical assistance with food parcels, clothing, furniture, as well as helping to liase with other organisations. Drop in or call if you need assistance, we may be able to help in other ways or put you in touch those who can. 

Counselling is also available with appointment, please Drop in or call to find out more information. 

Koinonia community drop in cafe, where you pay what you think for a great cup of coffee. Koinonia is open on Wednesday's and Friday's from 10am-12pm. 

There is a Bridge programme in the Waitakere area. This provides a safe, integrated, high-quality treatment service for people whose lives have been affected by the harmful use of, or dependency on, alcohol or drugs. Please contact us at:

Waitakere Bridge
17 James Laurie Street,
Phone: (09) 835 4069
Email: Waitakere Bridge

Auckland Bridge Recovery Church
15 Ewington Avenue,
Mt Eden, Auckland
Held on Tuesdays @7pm & Sundays @10am. Contact Capt Dale McFarlane or Lt Geoffrey Smith - (09) 630 1491.

There is also an Oasis centre for problem gambling in the Auckland area. This centre offers free consultation and rehabilitation programmes for problem gamblers, partners of gamblers and affected family members. Please contact us at:

Auckland Oasis
17 James Laurie Street,
Phone: (09) 638 0801
Email: Sue Hohaia

Epsom Lodge provides 12 weeks emergency and transitional housing for men and women. Support and aftercare provided. 

Epsom Lodge
18 Margot Street,
Epsom, Auckland
Phone: (09) 524 0252 or (09) 524 7379
E-mail: Epsom Lodge

There is an Education & Employment centre in West Auckland. This centre offers a wide range of fully-accredited courses. Please contact us at:

Waitakere Centre
38 Bruce Mclaren Rd,
Auckland 0612
Phone: (09) 838 0991

Seniors group meet every Tuesday at 10am for their 'Chatterbox' meeting.  Please contact our office to find out details of our services for seniors.

Westgate Community Ministries
532-534 Don Buck Road,
Massey, Waitakere City
Phone: (09) 833 6856

We have a range of programmes to cater for everyone aged 0-20.

Kidventure and Primetime our our Sunday morning programmes for children aged between 3 and 12.

Amped is our youth group, held every sunday during the school term between 6pm and 8pm. Amped combines fun, fellowship and learning in an environment that gives everyone a safe space to express themselves. 
There are three main types of Amped nights:

1. 'Normal' youthgroup nights: nights that involve fellowship games teacing and small groups.

2. Fellowship nights: fun nights, normally with a them, that have a different feel than a normal night as there is no teaching but instead a     large time of fellowship. Examples include a no talent quest and a fiesta night.

3. Collide worship nights: A time of worship and teaching run by youth for youth but open to everyone.


If you want more information on any of thse programmes please don't be afraid to call.

Westgate Salvation Army
532-534 Don Buck Road,
Massey, Waitakere City
Phone: (09) 833 6856

Court and Prison chaplaincy services are available in the Auckland area. Please contact us at:

Auckland Court and Prison Services
Phone: (09) 639 1103