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Activity: New Year Planning Craft

Have you made New Years plans for your whānau yet? We hope you have a tonne of fun celebrating the New Year with your loved ones, but we also hope you'll set aside time to reflect on what you're hoping this new year will bring for each of you. What plans do you have for 2020? What plans do your kids have for 2020?

We think you'll have lots of fun AND meaningful conversation by doing some planning and crafting together as a family. Download and print the instructions and New Year Planning Prompts, grab some paper, felts, pictures and a gluestick, and get stuck into this crafty exercise. Together you'll discuss who you want to become more like this year, new foods you'll try, what you're grateful for, a Bible verse you'd like to memorise and more!

We hope you won't miss this opportunity to get to know your loved ones more as you enter 2020!

New Year Planning Instructions and Prompts

Type: PDF
Size: 511.39 KB
Date: 18 Nov 2019