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National Youth Band

Introducing the National Youth Band.

The Salvation Army National Youth Band (NYB) supports churches and communities in worship and outreach through regular ministry weekends. Additionally, the band seek to encourage and support developing Salvation Army brass musicians throughout New Zealand. 

The band has changed its reper­toire to appeal to a younger audi­ence, and are see­ing an increased inter­est from Sal­va­tion Army churches want­ing the NYB to visit.

Partnering with The Salvation Army's Creative Ministries Department, the NYB also undertakes service at large scale events and provides training opportunities as required.

To request a visit from the NYB at your corps, contact the National Youth Band directly.

Become a Member

If you're interested in developing as a brass musician with others of a similar age and supporting Salvation Army mission through your music, then the NYB might be for you. In 2014, the NYB reviewed its membership criteria. To apply for membership of the NYB, you need:

  1. The support of your corps officer.
  2. To have made a commitment of faith in Jesus Christ.
  3. To be aged between 15 to 30 years.
  4. To be committed to the life and ministry of your local Salvation Army corps and a member of your corps' music ministry.
  5. While senior soldiership is a preferred requirement, it is not essential.
  6. To be willing to audition for a place in the NYB.​

To apply to become a member of the NYB, contact the band's Executive Officers, Lieutenants Daniel and Juanita Buckingham, or you can email NYB directly.

Hear Our Music

“Glo­rify” will take you on a jour­ney through a vari­ety of styles. Some med­i­ta­tive pieces aim to sooth your soul and bring you into the pres­ence of the Almighty, while oth­ers demon­strate our joy found in Christ. As you jour­ney with us by lis­ten­ing to our music, we pray that you will be blessed and encour­aged as you join us in praise to Him. As a band, our goal is to glo­rify the name of Jesus.

Glorify is available from Salvationist Resources.