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An open letter to the government from a Māori public health specialist

Elana Curtis. Apr 5, 2020: E-TANGATA

An open letter to the government


Is it time to declare a Rāhui over Aotearoa NZ?

Carmen Parahi. Apr 3, 2020: STUFF

Is it time to declare a rāhui?


Why equity for Māori must be prioritised during the Covid-19 response

Rhys Jones. Mar 18, 2020: THE SPINOFF

Why equity for Māori must be prioritised


Māori consultation 'window dressing', BOP councillors say

Charlotte Jones. Apr 19, 2020: RNZ

Māori Consultation Window Dressing


Māori millennials are showing the way

Wiremu Manaia. Apr 12, 2020: E-TANGATA

Māori Millennials Showing the way


Digitally, we aren’t ready for this pandemic

Kirkpatrick Mariner. Apr 5, 2020: E-TANGATA

Digitally we are not ready


Lockdown reality for ‘other’ NZ

Dr. Ian Hislop. Apr 16, 2020: Newsroom

Lockdown Reality for "other" NZ


Something is missing from our current public discussion about Covid-19.

Stacey Shortall. Apr. 9, 2020: Our Words Matter

Something Missing from the discussion


ZERO credit to the Government and Ministry of Health

Dr Rawiri Taonui. May 4, 2020: Waatea

Dr Rawiri

Just to ‘kia-ora-fy’ is to fall well short

Kirkpatrick Mariner. May 3, 2020: E-Tangata

Fall Short


Kōrero from kaumātua

How whānau can care for themselves and each other as we manage the continued risk COVID-19. May 24, 2020 : Mental Health Foundation Mauri Tū, Mauri Ora