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The 'Mother Heart of God' Series

These beautiful resources help us reflect on the nurturing, comforting heart of God

(Originally published for Mother's Day 2022, these resources can be used for any occasion - please see below to download).

Every person in this world in touched by motherhood. The ability to give life is a sacred part of being a woman that we should celebrate and lift up as vital, important and valued.

Yet, many of us will not be celebrating this Mother's Day. It can be a time of grief and lament for people who have broken relationships with their mothers,  have lost their mothers, or who long to become mothers. Many women have also lost children - though miscarriage, death or broken relationships. This can be a time of invisible and silent grief.

We love to celebrate the important role of motherhood on Mother's Day, but also believe it can be a space to honour those who are grieving. We take comfort in the words of scripture that describe God as a loving mother who protects, cares for and nurtures her children. 

These beautiful printable postcards are a special gift for women this Mothers' Day. It celebrates women by expressing the mother heart of God. But is also allows us to find healing through God's loving words to us.

Our message is: May you be comforted, cared for and celebrated by the mother heart of God.

Below, you'll find printable postcards, gift tags and images that can be used for your presentations.

We pray these gifts from God's Word will bless you this Mother's Day.

Instructions for printing:

  • Print on A4 card
  • Set printing properties to LANDSCAPE, A4, COLOUR, DOUBLE-SIDED
  • Cut to size

(All printers are different, so if double-sided doesn't work for you, the images can be printed alone as gift cards)

May you be comforted, cared for and celebrated by the mother heart of God.

Printable Mother's Day Cards

Type: PDF
Size: 3.17 MB
Date: 28 Apr 2022

Printable gift tags

Type: PDF
Size: 504.31 KB
Date: 28 Apr 2022

Whether you grieve, lament or rejoice, we honour your experience of motherhood.

'As a mother comforts her child ...' Isaiah 66:13

Type: PNG
Size: 373.37 KB
Date: 28 Apr 2022

'Like the eagle ...' Deuteronomy 32:11

Type: PNG
Size: 207.49 KB
Date: 28 Apr 2022

'From birth I was cast on you ...' Psalm 22:10

Type: PNG
Size: 375 KB
Date: 28 Apr 2022

'Can a mother forget ..' Isaiah 49:15

Type: PNG
Size: 284.9 KB
Date: 28 Apr 2022