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The Bible for Normal People, with Pete Enns

Reviewed by Ingrid Barratt

Full disclosure: I am a theology junkie, which I know is not for everyone, but I have found asking difficult questions of the Bible has always led me to a deeper love and awe for our unfathomable Creator.

The podcast is hosted by theologian Pete Enns, but the touch-in-check tagline - ‘The only God-ordained podcast on the internet’ -  sets the irreverent tone. It’s a spin-off of Pete’s books, which he called ‘Books for Normal People’ (as opposed to his ‘Books for Abnormal People, which are his scholarly works). It delves deep into the stories of the Bible, with a rich understanding of the context and culture in which they are told.

Pete and other experts in theology candidly discuss more controversial topics, such as inerrancy of the Bible, with an insight and depth of knowledge that doesn’t often trickle down to us ‘normal people’. It regularly challenges my perceptions, and leads me to a deeper understanding of what the stories in the Bible tell me about God and ourselves.

Sometimes the discussions are over my head, but I love having those ‘lightbulb’ moments when something about God is brought to life in me anew.