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'In the Time of Pandemic' free printable poem

Our freely printable poem is by Kitty O'Meara, called 'In the Time of Pandemic', written to respond to the COVID-19 crisis with a message of hope. We've made a variety of designs for your wall at home, letterbox drops or social media.

As many churches around the world have closed their physical doors, we are in the midst of reimagining what it looks like to stay spiritually connected in a time of COVID-19. We've made the beautiful words of Kitty O'Meara into a printable poster, Facebook Cover photo or picture you can share in a newsletter, on social media or print out for your home. Kitty O'Meara retains copyright over the words.

  • A4 Poster: Great for framing, office, home. High resolution, can be blown up to A3.
  • A6 Cards: Great for groups or handouts, letterbox-drops, cards. Prints four cards per A4.
  • PNG Picture: Great for posting on social media, inserting into newsletters, PowerPoint slides and online.
  • Facebook Cover Photo: Great for your Corps, Personal or Group Facebook cover photo, or post on Timeline/social media as image.

'In the Time of Pandemic'

And the people stayed home. 
And read books, and listened, 
and rested, and exercised, 
and made art, and played games, 
and grew gardens full of fresh food, 
and learned new ways of being,

and were still. 

And listened more deeply. 
Some meditated, some prayed, 
some danced. 
Some met their shadows. 

And the people began to think differently.

And the people healed. 
And, in the absence of people 
living in ignorant, dangerous, mindless, and heartless ways,
the earth began to heal.

And when the danger passed, 
and the people joined together again, 
they grieved their losses, 
and made new choices, 
and dreamed new images, 
and created new ways to live 
and heal the earth fully, 

as they had been healed.

- Kitty O'Meara, 2020

Time of Pandemic Hi-Res Poster

Type: PDF
Size: 4.55 MB
Date: 23 Mar 2020

Time of Pandemic A6

Type: PDF
Size: 5.05 MB
Date: 23 Mar 2020

Time of Pandemic PNG

Type: PNG
Size: 9.68 MB
Date: 23 Mar 2020

Facebook Cover Photo

Type: PNG
Size: 1.17 MB
Date: 23 Mar 2020