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Aspire Kiwi Youth Development Programme

It’s not easy growing up in New Zealand today. The Salvation Army and The Warehouse Group know that life can be tough for young people, and that's why we teamed up to develop an innovative and effective youth development programme called ‘Aspire’.

Launched in 2015, thanks to seed funding received from The Warehouse Group's 2014 Suppliers Dinner and ongoing funding support from Warehouse Stationery, Aspire has helped more than 1000 young people develop the skills, confidence, knowledge and networks they need to successfully address challenges and achieve their goals. You can find out more about Aspire through this five-minute video.

Led by experienced Salvation Army youth workers in 16 centres and schools around the country, the year-long Aspire programme involves:

  1. Weekly sessions in groups of 10, over 32 weeks
  2. A three-day adventure programme of tramping, abseiling, caving, white water rafting and more, led by qualified outdoor instructors
  3. Developing teamwork and project skills by planning and implementing a community project to address a local issue
  4. Goal setting and a graduation celebration.

Aspire is based on the Circle of Courage youth development model. It provides a fun, supportive environment for personal development, helping young people connect positively to others, achieve and master essential life skills, take responsibility for their decisions, and live with purpose and generosity.  Social workers and youth workers from The Salvation Army work with Aspire families to provide any additional support needed to strengthen the home environment. Events are also run throughout the year to better connect families together.  

We are proud of the amazing outcomes being delivered by Aspire. You can find out more through this report.

Download the latest Aspire research report here.

With additional funds we can implement Aspire in many more communities where there is demand from young people, their families, youth workers and teachers. To find out more about how you can help support a local Aspire programme contact James Adams, Aspire National Coordinator on 022 016 5989 or email James.

Over three weeks in July from Monday 3rd July, donations from Warehouse Stationery customers will help support hundreds of at-risk teens who aspire to change their lives. This is fourth year that Warehouse Stationery stores throughout the country will be collecting donations for Aspire – The Salvation Army’s year-long youth development programme.

Over the past three appeals generous customers have added a donation to their bill raising more than $218,000 for Aspire. As the principal sponsor of Aspire, these funds have made a huge difference helping around 200 at risk young people aged between 11 and 16 complete the programme. Check out the videos below for how this appeal helps.

Warehouse Stationery Aspire Appeal 2019 - Rhondda Middleton & Michael Smith

Warehouse Stationery Aspire Appeal - JD & Richard interview with Rhondda Middleton

Warehouse Stationery Aspire Appeal 2019 - Cathy Ioelu interview with Michael Smith