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Create a Family Moment: Christmas

Designed with adventure in mind, this booklet is packed with ideas to help your family discover the true meaning of Christmas together. Bake, photograph, serve and craft your way to understanding what the story of Jesus' birth can mean for you and your kids today.

We've specifically written this to be friendly and accessible for families with zero to little experience with the story of Christmas, church and conversations about God. So don't shy away from this opportunity to create meaningful moments and memories with your significant others this Christmas season.

Download it below!

Instructions for the printable version: Print on A3 glossy paper, doublesided (short edge). Then cut lengthwise, fold and staple. (Tip: The 'get out and about page' should be the centre double spread!) For churches - don't forget to add your church's info to the back page, eg. Christmas Eve service, other community services.

Create a Family Moment | Christmas (PDF)

Type: PDF
Size: 1.02 MB
Date: 18 Nov 2019

Create a Family Moment | Christmas printable booklet (PDF)

Type: PDF
Size: 54.93 MB
Date: 18 Nov 2019